In the Novel Frankenstein, I asked a question to myself, would the creature be a monster if Victor and society had accepted him like a normal person? there are many points that form the idea of isolation and exclusion to Frankenstein’s creation that was created by society rejecting him. For example, the creature had many […]

“What have we to do with walking corpses who can only be held in their grave by stakes driven through their hearts? it’s pure lunacy.” The adventure of the Sussex vampire by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle is a short story about a man named Sherlock Holmes investigating supernatural vampires. The story starts off with Sherlock […]

David Hume is a well known philosopher from the 18th century, he was born in Edinburgh, Scotland on the 26th of April 1711 and died on the 25th of August 1776 meaning he lived right in the enlightenment period. David Hume was a economist, historian, essayist and a well known philosopher. Because David Hume believed […]

Dracula, by Bram Stoker is a book about a young lawyer, called Jonathan Harker that goes on a journey to Transylvania to help a mysterious man called Count Dracula. Because the book is made up out of personal letters, journal entries, telegrams etc it feels like we are eavesdropping on them as they are not […]

Geneva – the Frankenstein family home He was born there He discovered his passion for science in Geneva and then moved on to Ingolstadt to continue his study and end up creating the creature Victors mother was killed in Geneva along with William Frankenstein, Justine Mortiz, Elizabeth Frankenstein and Alphonse Frankenstein.   Ingolstadt – the […]

What we do in the shadows What we do in the shadows is a mockumentary about a group of 5 vampires who are flatting together in an old, gloomy Victorian Gothic house in the suburbs of Wellington. This film takes Gothic fiction and twists it round into a hilarious comedy about how vampires live their […]

1.make a list of the different phrases V.F uses to describe his creation. 2.Is there a common theme to these phrases? explain it and your reaction to the language used to describe “the monster”

-Robert Walton and is crew were searching the pacific ocean and finds a frozen man that is almost dead, called Frankenstein. he was very curious about life and how things worked “It was the secrets of heaven and earth that I desired to learn; and whether it was the outward substance of things or the […]

Tone: the tone in this book is very contrasting, There is a very positive tone of scientific advancement and discovering new things. But at the same time there is a very dark and negative tone, The negative tone is shown through talking about life and his interest in death and the dead. The positive tone […]