30th October 2018

Frankenstein Speech

In the Novel Frankenstein, I asked a question to myself, would the creature be a monster if Victor and society had accepted him like a normal person? there are many points that form the idea of isolation and exclusion to Frankenstein’s creation that was created by society rejecting him.

For example, the creature had many actions that led to his isolation from society that later affected his thoughts on the world and opinions based around it. Ever since the monster is created he is misunderstood by everybody and he can’t understand why anyone doesn’t like him.

Even though the monster had good morals he was still shamed by people judging him based on his appearance and excluded him from society. This deeply affected the monster and made him begin to hate society, and he thought that all humans hated him so he set out for revenge.

The creature saw society as a group of people that were horrible to him for no reason. And gets alienated by them. He is then rejected by the nearby villagers when he is trying to help but the villagers can’t see that and instantly assume he is doing the wrong thing because of the way he looks and acts, an example of this was when there was a small girl drowning in a river and the creature saves her and pulls her out of the water, but then a villager comes along and shoots him and takes the girl away because he assumes that the creature is trying to drown her,  this is all because he looks different and isn’t a normal human.

I believe that if the creature wasn’t rejected by Victor and society he wouldn’t be a monster at all, instead he would have been a creation that was amazingly created defying religion and science, If the creature wasn’t rejected it wouldn’t have made bad decisions and would have respected society and wouldn’t have had the need to hurt Victor or anyone else. Victor went out of his way to make the creature 8 feet tall and specifically picked the body parts but he went too far and made him look very different from a normal person.

Victor did not know this at the time but it could have potentially changed the outcome of the monsters actions. Even Victor experienced rejection in the book when teachers didn’t believe in him and didn’t think it was possible to make the creation. This motivated Victor to create the monster resulting in the “fatal impulse that led to his ruin”. If the monster was created without the pressure of other people and wasn’t rushed Victor may have decided to make him more normal, resulting in the monster living a normal life and being accepted by him and society. So yes, I do believe that if the creation was treated differently he wouldn’t have ended up as a “Monster”.

In Mary Shelley’s ‘Frankenstein’ prejudice was explored by society assuming the creation is a monster and that it is dangerous because of its appearance. but truthfully he is nice and isn’t trying to harm anyone. He is assaulted by villagers and families despite his good morals and intentions. The only character in the book that actually accepted the creation was a blind man named ‘De Lacy’ who is blinded by his own prejudice as he can’t see the monsters appearance. A quote from the monster was “For this I had deprived myself of rest and health. I had desired it with an ardour that far exceeded moderation; but now that I had finished, the beauty of the dream vanished, and breathless horror and disgust filled my heart.” this quote is the monster explaining how society has changed him and he feels nothing but horror and disgust towards everyone.

Mary Shelley using prejudice in her book made me think about how we all form opinions on people without even knowing it, from the research I gathered there are 3 main reasons how we form prejudice, Society’s generalizations, your upbringing and cultural generalizations, which are all formed by interpretations from personal experiences. This is shown very clear in the book Frankenstein with many examples of people hurting the creature and treating him badly. And because the creatures mind is basically the same as a newborn, he instantly forms his own opinion on society that everyone is terrible to him and no one respects him.

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